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Company recruitment and selection
Recruitment principle
According to the principle of two-way choice, in the use of talents training and development, and provide equal opportunity.
Our principle is to employ the assessment by openness, fairness. In the recruitment of assessment process, insists positions and requirement, the assessment standards and evaluation public procedural justice, In the process of introducing competition mechanism, assessment, and execute company employing standard, under the same condition according to hire.
Selection approach
Company position vacancy, we will appear in the 51job and timely release recruitment information website, welcome you to choose the suitable post recruitment requirements and resume, we will be delivered from the site selection of talent, actively and contact.

Hr policy
At the beginning of joining you will attend orientation. In the orientation, hr will lead you system study handbook, let you of the company will organization culture and made a preliminary understanding.
Job training
At the offer diverse forms, vocational skills of different internal/external training opportunities, make perfect training syllabus and training courses, and provide good training environment, helping employees to grow rapidly.
Performance evaluation
Your department manager for your work will be. According to your work, they will be evaluated, as you well, promotion, raise the main basis.
Company staff welfare
1, the company provides each employee and adapt to position the salary and wide development space.
2, since the company hires for each employee is beginning to pay social insurance and commercial insurance attend group after the obtainment.
3, company staff and the company adheres to the principle of mutual growth, provide various forms of training, and encourage the staff and the company long-term mutual development.
4 ,5 days executive, and the eight-hour workday in strict accordance with related laws and regulations provide annual leave, maternity leave, etc, wedding holiday.
5, the company regularly to held various activities, we expect to work with the colleague, is not only friends and relatives




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